Organism of the week #15 – Try not to think about the poo

Apologies for the long gap between postings; it’s been exam season at work, and I’ve not had much time to blog.

The garden was buzzing with green-bottles yesterday, thanks to a combination of warm weather and overflowing brown bins. These flies tend to get a bit of a bad wrap, what with the spitting onto dog shit, sucking up the slurry, and then tramping it all over our food.


If you can somehow put out of your mind the poo, they’re really very pretty:

Lucilia sericata perky [CC-By-SA-3.0 Steve Cook]

Lucilia sericata – a perky little green-bottle

If the metallic green iridescence of a green-bottle’s arse were on the wing of a butterfly or the feather of a peacock, you wouldn’t be able to stop yourself blathering on about the soul-lifting delight of it all, would you?

Lucilia sericata on Catalpa leaf [CC-BY-SA-3.0 Steve Cook]

Green-bottle on a Catalpa

Look into its puppy-dog eyes and tell me your heart doesn’t burst from cuteness overload:

Lucilia sericata face on [CC-BY-SA-3.0 Steve Cook]

Lucilia sericata says “I wub you”

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