Version 2

Several years ago, I pulled my old website, as it had become a compost-heap of reformatted lecture notes that I no longer had time to maintain, and which Wikipedia had rendered redundant in any case. The pleasures of writing HTML by hand had begun to pall, and the hand-rolled CGI guestbook made even a coding Luddite like me shudder with embarrassment.

To those who offered to adopt content from the old site, I should apologise up front. I never seemed to find the time to organise a hand-over, and by the time I did find time, the moment had well and truly passed. The Perl 5 tutorial was the thing requested more often than not, but that had become pretty moribund too, and I thought it better not to inflict blessed hashref horrors on baby hackers when they should be using Moose anyway.

Since then, I have been largely teaching, occasionally tweeting, and rarely finding a moment to do anything sufficiently creative to be worth sharing. Hopefully this will now change, or – at least – I shall be able to moan in slightly greater detail than 140 characters affords.

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